Sonya + Socrates

Jessica from Studio Silva designed all my wedding stationary from start to finish. When I say all, I mean ALL from my engagement invites all the way through to my wedding thank you cards.

I didn't want your run of the mill outdated wedding stationary, I wanted something that people would react to with such awe and appreciation.

Her artistic and creative skills are phenomenal. Jessica took the ideas I had gathered and made them a reality, the outcome was even better than I could imagine.

I've been married for over a year now and I still get compliments from people telling me that my invitations/stationary have been the best ones they've ever received.

You only get that kind of reaction when you work with someone who is truly dedicated and proud of the work they do.

I cannot recommend the work that Jessica at Studio Silva produces highly enough.

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Marie + Cameron



Tillda Flowers


Tillda Flowers is a studio based florist ran by head florist Casey Osborne and her experienced team of fresh faced talented florist who help bring all the events and weddings to life.   

Despite offering everything you’d expect from a florist, Tillda Flowers has no physical shop-front.  Instead, the team works from a cozy little studio tucked down a bluestone laneway in the Rathdowne Village of Carlton North. You can visit the studio by making an appointment for a time that suits.